We are in a climate and ecological emergency. Small World Consulting is a response to that.

How we do it

We push for change in three ways: Research, helping organisations to lead change, and communication.

What we do for organisations

Our work has three core areas:

  • Carbon management
  • Land, food and carbon
  • The joined-up big picture of everything required for life to thrive in the Anthropocene

Carbon management  Developing tools and techniques for supply chain carbon accounting and management. Helping organisations understand their supply chain carbon and set targets, including supply chain science-based targets. Guiding organisations on their journey to carbon negative.

Land, food and carbon Land use management consulting, researching the global and national food systems, and advising on sustainable diets, menus and supermarket practices.

Joined-up big picture Helping people and organisations to understand today‚Äôs global context, where they fit in, and how to push for a sustainable, bright future.

We work with organisations of every size; from the largest tech giants, down to SMEs and local NGOs