Supply Chain Carbon

Supply chain (Scope 3) emissions are difficult to quantify, as there is mathematically no limit to the number of pathways that can contribute to total supply chain GHG emissions. Increased complexity as the supply chain grows leads to a level of uncertainty associated with emissions metrics, which has been used as justification by many organisations to pay little attention or ignore supply chain emissions.

Achieving ‘good enough‘ and incorporating sufficiently meaningful information into emissions calculations is essential for effective and targeted emissions management.

We employ a hybrid methodology, incorporating elements of Process-Based Life Cycle Analysis (PBLCA) and Environmentally-Extended Input-Output Analysis (EEIO). Great care is taken with hybrid modelling to ensure system completeness, without double-counting. We aim to ameliorate of some limitations of using either methodology in isolation.

In addition to emissions assessments, we also consult on methods to reduce organisations’ Scope 3 emissions, with particular regards to processes in the supply chain.