Some outputs from our consulting work are freely available online. Furthermore, members (past and present) of the Small World team have authored a number of academic research papers within the remit of sustainability, supply chain carbon and food nutrient flows. A selection are detailed below.

Selected reports

May 2018: BT’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Value Chain Scope 3 accounting and reporting

November 2017: A new carbon baseline for the Lake District National Park

June 2015: The greenhouse gas footprint of Booths

August 2011: The Total Carbon Footprint of Greater Manchester

Selected research papers

‘Hybrid life -cycle assessment for robust, best-practice carbon accounting’ C. KennellyM. Berners-Lee, C.N. Hewitt, 2019. Journal of Cleaner Production. 208, p. 35-43. 9 p. Available online here.

‘Current global food production is sufficient to meet human nutritional needs in 2050 provided there is radical societal adaptation’ M. Berners-LeeC. Kennelly, R. Watson, C.N. Hewitt, 2018. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene. 6:1, 14 p. Available online here.

‘Greenhouse gas emissions of food waste disposal options for UK retailers’ J. Moult, S. Allan, C.N. Hewitt, M. Berners-Lee. 05/2018 In: Food Policy. 77, p. 50-58. 9 p. Available online here.

‘Mitigating the greenhouse gas emissions of food through realistic consumer choices’ C. HoolohanM. Berners-LeeJ. McKinstry-West, Hewitt, C.N. 12/2013 In: Energy Policy. 63, p. 1065-1074. 10 p. Available online here.

‘The relative greenhouse gas impacts of realistic dietary choices’  M. Berners-LeeC. Hoolohan, H. Cammack and C.N. Hewitt, 2012. Energy Policy. 43: 184-190. Available online here.

‘Greenhouse gas footprinting for small businesses — The use of input–output data’ M. Berners-Lee, D.C. Howard, J. Moss, K. Kaivanto, W.A. Scott, 2011. Science of the Total Environment. 409:5: 883-891 Available online here.