Carbon Tools

We have market-leading supply chain carbon tools. We enable organisations such as BT, Taylor Wimpey and Booths to monitor and manage their supply chain carbon. We enable city and county councils and national parks to develop consumption-based carbon budgets. Please contact us for more information on tools for organizations.

Over the years we have also produced several publicly-available tools for small organizations, communities and individuals. These have been designed to be engaging and user-friendly, but meaningful.  They have often been a by-product of other research and practical work.

Online personal carbon calculators

Our Quick Personal Carbon Calculator is based upon our analysis of the UK’s GHG emissions by sector and the average UK resident’s consumption patterns. It will give you an estimate of your personal carbon footprint in 2018/19.

Carbon Cap: We helped to develop a personal carbon footprint calculator for Carbon Cap. While the numbers are slightly out-of-date, it will still provide a rough estimate of your personal carbon footprint.

The Eden Project’s ‘Show me the Carbon’: Small World helped the Eden Project to produce an online tool which allowed you to see how your everyday choices, from the food you consume to the clothes you wear, affect your personal carbon footprint – and find out how you can make a difference.

The Guardian’s ‘Quick Carbon Calculator’: In conjunction with The Guardian newspaper, Small World Consulting developed a tool to enable UK individuals to get a quick yet comprehensive picture of their carbon footprint.

Calculators for SMEs

Cumbria Tourism: This ‘Carbon Footprint Toolkit’ provided tourism businesses, amongst others, with the means to estimate their Total Carbon Footprint and to target management action.

Connect Plus: Small World provided this consortium of dairy farmers with a simple calculator to enable them to visualize the impacts of their operations, identify hot-spots and to manage greenhouse gas emissions on their farms.

Crichton Carbon Centre: Have now used Small World’s tool-sets to provide an accessible carbon footprint to around fifty SME’s in Dumfries and Galloway, providing a broad picture, highlighting the main action areas and communicating ways of managing carbon.

Calculators for communities

Climate Challenge Fund (Scotland): Small World helped to develop carbon management tools for three Scottish community projects. The communities of Creetown, Gatehouse of Fleet and Dalbeattie won £500,000 from the Scottish Government Climate Challenge Fund in late 2009 to run a year-long project engaging the community to reduce its carbon footprint by 22% by 2011. The three communities approached Small World Consulting to develop a Dumfries & Galloway household carbon footprint calculator and carbon reduction pledging system for use in the community.